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How to increase your online bookings


Congratulations! – your practice now accepts online appointments. The next step is to inform your patients that this is available for them so they can book their next appointment online!

Patients are able to book through our app or online through the “book now button” on your website that directs them specifically to your online booking widget. Its important to note that many existing patients don’t visit your website often, especially if you have never offered online appointments. Many patients first response would be to call the practice as they normally would and often have your number saved elsewhere. We have therefore developed a checklist of things for you to consider to increase the uptake of online bookings at your practice.


Educate your patients:

Patients will not use what they don't know exists. Inform them by:

  • Turning on your welcome emails – This will send all patients with an email address in your system with an email notifying them that you now have online appointments available and how to book. It will also direct them on how to download the app. This will also be sent to any new patient that signs up to the practice in future.
  • Consider sending an SMS through our system to all of your patients or just to a specific group of patients to let them know they can now book online. E.g. perhaps send this out to patients between 18-60 years of patients that visit frequently within the year.
  • Display posters and promotional materials in your practice in a clear and easily observed location (request more from us when you run out!)
  • Prompt your reception team to help elderly patients to download the app when they are in the practice. Practices that are able to assist with this and show patients how easy it is to book from it will be surprised at the uptake.

But most importantly -

  • Adjust your phone message/menu to let patients know they can book online and how - not many people WANT to wait on hold and you don't want them to when you're busy!

Now that you have online bookings available and have access to our communications platform then you will be able to effectively communicate with your patients for free via email. It is therefore very important to start collecting these email addresses and checking these when patients are in the practice.

A little time spent by your team in the beginning can save a lot of time down the track!

Did you know that our patient self-check in kiosk is able to prompt patients to check and update their existing email address at the time of check in? This will automatically update in your patient management system so that all the hard work is done for you! Please speak to your account manager if you wish to find out more information on the kiosk and how it can help update patients details.

If you would like to speak to someone to enable your welcome emails, send a campaign, order more posters or/and brochures or anything else please contact us directly on 1300 330 611 or raise a support request with: and we can contact you. 


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