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When your patient self-service check in screen arrives..


Now that your kiosk has arrived you just need to complete some simple steps to get it online.


1) Set your screen up on an appropriate surface within your practice. We find that practices have the most success when this is somewhere easily observed and accessed by patients. E.g a spare length of reception desk or another obvious and accessible surface within your waiting area. 




2) Plug in the power and data cable (blue) to both the kiosk and the wall points.

Note: As previously discussed you will always get better performance from a stable network using a data cable than a WiFi connection. WiFi is not recommended.


3) Please see a picture of the 'NUC' below and ensure that all of the cords are plugged in. 

These include (from left to right) the power cord, the VGA cable, data cable and USB. In step one you ensured that the power and data cable are connected to their respective wall points. Please check that the VGA cable and USB cable are correctly connected to your kiosk screen.


Note: A 'NUC' is essentially your hard-drive for your kiosk. Think of it as a laptop without a screen or keypad. (Pictured below).




4) Once everything is correctly connected please power up your patient self-service check in screen. 

To do so please:

  • Make sure the power point is switched on
  • Turn on the NUC via its small circular power button on the top.
  • Turn on your screen using the power button generally located bottom left or to the side of the screen. 

After start-up the screen should display a 'Self check in coming soon' - this means we are ready to connect to your Practice Management System. This will take a little bit of support from our end so please let us know via email or phone when you have powered up!


5) Once Jayex support have connected your patient self-service check in screen to your PMS you are ready for training. We will communicate with you to organise this at a convenient time for you. Any questions just ask! 

Note: For training you will require access to a computer on the server. Your login details will be sent to you via email when the training is organised. 

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