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Setting up Appointuit for your practice


Congratulations on taking the first steps to set your practice up for online bookings. Your Practice Relationship manager will run you through setting Appointuit up for your practice and will be available for any questions you have but as a reference guide please find set-up instructions below. 


Log in to your Appointuit user portal via the Appointuit website - - using the email and password you chose when you completed the registration form. If you have any trouble please use the Forgot password option or contact Appointuit for support. 

Your account will open to your practice dashboard. Here you will be able to monitor appointments made per weeks, appointments visits per weeks and see your most commonly booked appointment types (once you have been using Appointuit to collect the data). You will also see a Recent Appointments list and some Get Set-up links (we will do most of this for you!)


Once you are signed in you will need to:


Adjust and confirm your Policy Settings

From the top right hand corner of the screen Select the Settings drop down box and select your relevant branch name from the list (if you have multiple branches you will need to set each branch up individually. Just follow these same steps for each).

Please confirm your Branch details and make changes to your 'Appointment creation and cancellation settings'. 

Please note that if you have Patients Cancellation Emails ticked you will get an email every time a patient cancels their appointment online to the email address you have listed in the branch details above. If you are a practice manager you may wish to list a generic reception email rather than your direct email address. 

If you make any changes please hit the green save icon at the bottom of the page. 


Add Appointment types

To the left of the page select the Appointment types link. This is where you will create new appointments types and edit existing appointment types in the future. 

Click the green 'Create new Appointment Type' button toward the top left of your screen. Complete the fields (only Appointment type name and duration are mandatory). 

A good example of what to include in the Appointment Description may be:

  • How long the appointment will take Eg - This is a standard 15 minute appointment. This is suitable if you have 1 - 2 issues to discuss with your doctor. If you believe your appointment needs to be longer please select a long appointment. 
  • The appointment cost. Eg: This is a bulk-billing practice. Please bring your medicare card to your appointment OR the cost of a standard appointment is $80. If you have a valid medicare card you will receive a rebate of approximately $36.50 etc. 
  • Mention if they will need to bring a new referral (specialists)
  • If you are setting up a new patient appointment you may wish to advise them to arrive ten minutes early to complete a new patient form and bring their Medicare card.

This is completely at your discretion - feel free to leave it blank. These will appear to your patients as appointment terms and conditions which they will need to accept prior to moving forward with the booking process.

The Appointment question is also optional. A good example of when to utilise this feature would be for a travel vaccination appointment in which case you may wish to ask 'Where will you be travelling and when?' That way you can have the appropriate vaccinations on hand for their appointment. Another example would be for Telehealth or Telephone consults. You may wish to use the question functionality to have them confirm their best contact number.

Note: The appointment duration needs to match up with the duration in your PMS. I.e If a standard appointment is 15 minutes in your PMS set your standard appointment duration within Appointuit to 15 minutes, if a new patient appointment is 30 minutes in your PMS - set your new patient appointment duration to 30 minutes in Appointuit etc.  

You need only tick the Display for New Patients only box if you want new patients to only have access to specific appointments eg. a New Patient Appointment only. If you want new patients to have access to your full list of appointments leave this box unchecked. 

Note: You may not want new patients to be able to book online at all. This is easily done! Discuss this with your Practice Relationship manager or see where to block new patient online bookings here

Make sure to set the appointment type as active prior to saving. 

Once you have saved these settings you will see that Appointment limits are now available to you. Apply these if you wish certain appointments to only be booked at certain times or on specific days. Patients will then only see availability during your allocated times. Otherwise we draw from the sessions set within your PMS. Be sure to press the bottom save once you have added all limits.




Best Practice and Pracsoft will appear slightly differently as you can link an appointment type from your PMS via the third option. Simply link the corresponding appointment type from the drop down box. Leave type as custom as it allows you to set all of your own parameters. You are also able to determine how many appointments per slot you would like. 1 is standard however if you want multiple patients to be able to book into the same session time please amend this option. 






Add Practitioners

Once you have added all of your appointment types select the Practitioner admin link to the left of the page. Click the green 'Add Practitioners button' and you will see a list of all practitioners (active and otherwise) within your PMS. Look through the list for an active practitioner for whom you want online bookings and click Edit (to the right). 

Note: If you have the same doctors practicing from multiple branches make sure you are selecting the correct doctor by checking their location (see highlighted)



When editing your practitioner please note that you can change their name by clicking on it (in green. This will only change what your patients see in Appointuit - it will NOT affect your PMS), add an image and add an email address if you want them notified every time a patient books an appointment (this is suitable for practitioners who are not on site all the time and only come in for booked appointments). You are able to add a list of professions - choose from our standard list or add your own custom professions.




Mark them as active, show on SMS reminders and make available for scripts and referrals (discuss these functions with your Practice Relationship Manager) and check the appointments you would like them available for then click Save. Complete this for all practitioners you require active at your practice. 


Policy Settings

You are almost done! Finally we will have you take a look at your Policy Settings. To access these settings select the Settings drop down box (top left) and Policy Settings. Here is where you determine how early your Appointment email reminders go out, adjust your appointment format and customise your Appointment confirmation Email Settings.  This is also where you can block new patient registration, make changes to your Patient welcome email, set your appointment rules and add your domain address. 

Note: Make sure to hit save as you go!


Your Welcome Email

Your welcome email is a feature used to encourage uptake of your online bookings. If you choose to activate the feature this email will send to everyone within your database who has a valid email address and will continue to send to patients added to your database as your practice grows.  You can customise the email and add any information that you feel is relevant. We then introduce your online booking system and give your patients instructions on how to use it. We find that it dramatically boosts online bookings as patients obviously won't use what they don't know you have. 

You can turn the Welcome email feature off at any time. We will have to enable this feature for you so please discuss your intentions with your Practice Relationship Manager


When this is all complete please contact your Practice Relationship Manager. When you feel like you are ready the Appointuit team will do some testing to make sure you are ready to go. From this point on we will be in communication with you regarding getting your online booking system live and available to the public. 

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