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Examples of Targeted Searches within BP


Both Appointuit and Best Practice have very useful search functions to target specific demographics in order to send information to a particular patient group. 

Standard filters for any campaign include:

  • Patient is 18 years or older
  • Email or phone number is present (whatever is relevant for your chosen campaign type)
  • Subscribed to email or SMS notifications (whatever is relevant for your chosen campaign type)
  • Patient is active (within your PMS)

Within Appointuit Engage! You can filter via the following options:

  • Age
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Medicare number
  • Mobile Number
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Patient Status
  • Registered Patient
  • Create a list
  • Patient was
  • Previous campaign type
  • Post code

It also allows you to limit final results, Override the exclusion of under 18 year olds, and import lists from BP in XML form.


If - for example you wanted to send a campaign to over 65 year old females with a valid Medicare card only - you would select and apply the following filters:



If you wanted to filter by these same properties but include information only found in your Best Practice (such as condition) the Same search would be conducted by:


1) Open your BP - Select Utilities > Search.



2) Start with the reason you are using BP instead of Appointuit - the condition. Select Conditions button > Start typing and select the appropriate condition from the drop down box. When adding other parameters please ensure that AND is selected in the follow on boxes, before clicking Add and Ok. 


3)   Selecting the Demographics option and age - then select the greater than symbol and enter 65 before clicking 'Add' then 'OK'.




4) Then Select Demographics again > Gender = Female. Add and OK




5) Demographics - Medicare (greater than symbol >) 0. Add and OK



6) Run Query and check results. Then Select File - Save and ensure you save the search as an XML File using the Save as Type drop-down box.



This information is correct as of 08/04/2020. For more information on how to run patient searches within Best Practice please access their knowledge base or contact them directly. 

If you need further assistance or would like someone to contact you please contact:





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