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Support says my Appointuit account works, but I still cannot login


It can be very frustrating when the support person says "Your accounts works for me, I have reset your password and I can login," however you are still unable to login.

Here is a sequence of steps that may help you if you are running Windows:


  1. Update Chrome (install the Chrome browser if required)
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Run Chrome
  4. Clear your browser, hit 'Ctrl-Shift-Del' and click on 'Clear data' (Mac users 'Command-Shift-Delete)
  5. Open an Incognito Browser (Ctrl-Shift-N) (Mac users Command-Shift-N)
  6. Go to the website for your Medical Practice and click on the 'Book Now' (or similar) link. There may be a direct link provided for you in the support email, if so, use that link.
  7. Enter your username and password (the password may have been reset, so refer to the email from the support person).

If the above sequenced fails, please try to login using someone else's computer.



Chrome is updated using the arrow in the top right corner. If this arrow is not visible, then you are running the latest version of Chrome (see below).




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