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Sending a Engage! Email Campaign


NB: You will need to ensure that your Appointuit connector is V3.14 to access these features.


Engaging your patients is easy using Appointuit Engage! Featuring both email and SMS capability.  

Create an Engage Email Campaign:

1: Go to Settings

2: Appointuit Engage! > New campaign

3: Campaign Title - This is an internal name so you might use something like "reminders week ending December 11th" or "Cervical screening reminders for November 2018" etc.

4: Leave the date and time as is if you are sending it out straight away. If you wish to schedule it for a future date, select your preferred date and time before selecting  > Next Step

5: This page is the recipient page.  You can add filters using the "Add new filters" drop-down list.  If you want everyone in your database with an email address and who is subscribed to email to be included in the campaign all you need to do is select "Apply Filter". The patient names will appear along with several points of identification. If you wish to delete anyone at this stage, simply click on the cog on the R) of the name line and you can remove the recipient from the list manually. > Next step


**Note - please take note of the "Default filters" prior to creating the recipient list.

6:  In addition to a blank template (allowing you to create a campaign from scratch) Appointuit provide an updated library of templates that you can use.  All templates are fully customisable to the practice. Select a template by selecting the green 'Use' button beneath your chosen template. The template will open in a window allowing you to add or remove any text, images or url links you require.   > Next step




 7: Confirmation Page - You will now see a brief description of what you are about to send including a Preview Email button. It will also ask you if you would like to "Add note inpatient file under past visit?" which you can tick if required. To send simply click 'Confirm and Send Campaign'

8. You will see a final page including summary of campaign sent or scheduled. From here you can access your summary and also a more detailed report via the recipients menu option on the left. The recipients option allows you to filter by several options including Sent and Not Opened, Sent Opened and Failed to review and manage the success of your campaigns.



From the above screen you can also Create an Engage SMS campaign for your patients who don't have an associated Email Address.  Select the link below for instructions. 


Click here to access Engage! SMS campaign instructions


All practices are different- so we do not have a 'one-size fits all approach". We are more

than happy to organise training with your team to assist you with your specific requirements.

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