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Adding an attachment to an Engage! campaign.


This feature is only available in Engage! premium.

If you have Engage! premium you are now able to add an attachment to the email going out.

Each attachment can be for the individual recipient.

This makes it handy for patients with follow up blood tests or other  tests that require a form.

it could also include referrals that have been completed without appointments or outstanding invoices.

Please note that you will need to attach a document (they can be different documents) to each recipient in the list, so these reminders are best sent separately.

As always - our team are only too happy to talk you through this and provide the necessary training for your staff

**Obviously you will need to consider what information you are sending to the patient within the privacy guidelines.**

To attach a document to an Engage! campaign

  1. Commence a new campaign as per usual
  2. For the recipient list, select only those patients that you wish to send an attachment to. All recipients must be receiving an attachment. This does not need to be the same attachment.
  3. Attach the attachment by clicking on the cog at the right of the patients name. A name box will appear so that you can double check the correct patient has been selected. A paperclip will appear when the attachment is linked



Now...Go to the templates page and select the template.

  1. Ensure you inform the patient there is an attachment with words to the effect: "please find your xray request form attached" "please find the outstanding invoice attached" etc. so they know to look for the attachment.
  2. Make sure you include the following in the body of the email {{attachment_link}}.

e.g. Please find your outstanding invoice attached {{attachment_link}}.

 7. Send in the normal way- including ticking to put in patients file if appropriate.

8. On the reports page you will be able to see if the patient has clicked the link including the date and time the link was opened.


**It is critical that you double check that you are attaching the RIGHT FORM to the RIGHT PATIENT. Failing to do this could be a breach of privacy.

Don't forget to save the attachment to the patient file as well for future reference.

When the patient receives the email the {{attachment_link}} will appear as just link



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