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Multiple bookings in one appointment slot or timeframe


There may be times when practices would like to be able to set up their system so that multiple patients can book into a single appointment slot.

This feature is available in Best practice and Zedmed currently. Pracsoft and Genie users should contact us for alternative solutions in the interim.

Examples might be for flu vaccination or other vaccination clinics, or when multiple bookings would be desirable, e.g. group sessions or classes etc.

In Best Practice and Zedmed.....

  1. You will need to be on the latest version of the connector. If you are not sure or need to update, contact to facilitate this.
  2. Go to your appointment types under "Settings > branch name > appointment types is on the L) hand side menu.
  3. Select the appointment type that you wish to make available for multiple bookings.
  4. Click on edit 
  5. You will see the option "Appointments per slot"- adjust this to the required amount. The appointment duration should continue to match your PMS. Make sure you hit "save".


6. Select the practitioner that this appointment will apply to (e.g. if this is for flu vaccine clinics, then the practitioner may be Flu vaccine clinic).

7. Test to ensure that the correct appointments can be made.

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