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Importing a patient list from Medical Director into Engage!


Communicate and engage with your patients efficiently via no-cost email and/or low cost SMS with full audit control and management reporting.

Simple, easy and all your patient communications done in less than 5 minutes!

Creating your patient list

Appointuit Engage! allows you to import your patient list from Medical Director in a CSV file format to make sending Engage! campaigns easier.

1: Start by running a search in Medical Director as you would normally (this currently will work for Patient, Asthma, and Pap Test Results)

Select the criteria for your patient search result where applicable.

2: Select "Save" from the list of buttons at the bottom of the window

This will give you the option to save the list on your computer.

Name the file appropriately, select a suitable location to save the file, and change the 'Save as type' to be Comma Separated Values, and then hit Save. 


3: Set up your Engage! campaign. On the recipients list select the filter "import a list from MD (in CSV form).

Choose the file you have just saved previously.

4: Press "Apply filters" and the name of the recipients will appear. Screen the list, edit as required if not done previously.

What if patients have the same name? 
We are able to tell the difference between patients due to their date of birth

5: Proceed as normal with the rest of your engage campaign. 

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