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Setting up non urgent recalls (NURs) in BP - send via email and / or SMS


While Appointuit is very easy to use for reminders in BP, recalls can also be done but needs a bit of setting up because of the limitations of the PMS in obtaining the list in a usable format. Once set up you can utilise this function to send non urgent recalls via:

  1. Email
  2. SMS
  3. Secure SMS (optional feature)

To obtain a list of non-urgent recalls you will need to set up a SQL search in BP.

This only has to be done once- then the search is saved for further use.

for these instructions see:

1: Email

We recommend upgrading to Engage! premium. This will allow you to design and save a personalised library of templates for your practice to use. These can be individualised by doctor / and or type of recall.

To send the NURs via email:

  1. Set up a campaign in the usual way- name it accordingly
  2. On the recipients page, use the filter "import list from BP XML"
  3. Check the list- remove any not appropriate
  4. Go to templates - select desired template
  5. Add note to patients file
  6. Send email
  7. At a later date- come back to review of the progress of the recalls by clicking on the reports page and further action as required according to your practices policy and procedure.

2: Email and SMS

To send to those without email via SMS- continue onto Engage!SMS from the reports page. In Engage! premium- you will also be able to customise fully the message sent.

3: SMS only

  1. Go to Engage!SMS- if you wish to link it to a previous campaign do this now.
  2. Name the campaign accordingly
  3. Select recipients and check (you may need to use the email override filter if you have elected not to send emails and only SMS - select filter Email > is also present.
  4. Select the SMS template or edit the one shown- be careful of not exceeding 160 characters.
  5. Add note to patients file
  6. Confirm and send

4: Secure SMS

Procedure as above but elect to have sent as secure on the confirmation page- this should be discussed with the patient before using this option to obtain consent. The log in will be the patients Appointuit log in





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