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Clinical reminders in Pracsoft


NB: You will need to ensure that your Appointuit connector is V3.14 to access these features.

Doing clinical reminders is easy using Appointuit Engage!

If you are already familiar with using Engage! you will find this new feature even easier.

1: Go to "Settings > Appointuit Engage!" in the usual way.

2: Click the green button in the top R) "New Campaign".

3: Name your campaign. This is an internal name so you might use something like "reminders week ending December 11th" or "Pap reminders for November 2015" etc.

4: Leave the date and time as is if you are sending it out straight away. If you wish to schedule it for a future date- then set the new date and time. Click on "Next Step"

5: You are now on the recipients page. To do reminders/ recalls you will need to add the new filter "Clinical reminders" at the top of the list.


6: When you click on this, The Reminder / Recalls panel appears. Select the reasons, practitioners and the date range required. You also have the option to add overdue reminders. Select "Apply Filters"

7: The names will appear along with several points of identification and the reminder reason. If you wish to delete any one at this stage, simply click on the cog on the R) of the name line and you can remove the recipient form the list manually.

8: The recipient list will populate including the reminder reason

9: Following this step, it continues to be the same as using Engage! normally - select a template, then send. Obviously with reminders you will always want to ensure you tick the box to add a note to the patients file. You will need to manually update your MD recalls.

The note will go into the individual patient file as a record.


Of course there are many ways of using Engage! reminders / recalls is just one of the many.

All practices are different- so we do not have a 'one-size fits all approach". We are more than happy to organise training with your team to assist you with your specific situations.

Watch this space in early 2016 for stage 2 release with even more features.




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