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Advising patients of results outcomes using SMS


Results notices via SMS

You will need to have upgraded to Engage! Premium to have this functionality. Contact us to have this enabled and to learn about the added functionality of this feature.

This is suggested idea - and individual practices need to undertake this at their own discretion. This is NOT to send out the actual results, rather, to advise patients of the required action- just as the staff would do on the phone when doing recalls.

We strongly advise that you have informed your patients that you will be using this method to inform them about their results. You can do this verbally at the time of the consultation, or you can send out an Engage! campaign to your patients to advise them that this is how you will be doing this going forward- giving them the option to "unsubscribe" or notify you that they do not wish to have these details delivered in this way.

You should ask Patients to ensure they have an email address and a mobile number listed for them that would be appropriate for receiving this information e.g. they may prefer to have a personal email or mobile number listed rather then a work one.

To set up this process:

  1. Design your templates in Engage! Premium- insert your message / logo etc.

2. In the first instance you will need to set up an Engage! email campaign. You can send this out to a test patient. This is so the campaign template will show up in Engage!SMS. You only need to do this once.

To send out the results SMS:

3. Go to Engage!SMS - Ensure you link the campaign to the correct template.


4. Name the campaign to identify it internally

5. Select the recipients or create the list

6. Select the SMS template


7. Add any additional text if desired- do not go over 160 characters and not not edit the information in the {{    }} as this is code required to link the templates or allow bookings.

8. Tick to add note to patient's file (BP customers only). Make sure you have this access enabled to record a note in the file

9. You can revisit the reports to see if the patients have received the SMS and booked an appointment if required.

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