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Importing the Reminder list from BP into Engage!


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Creating a targeted patient list

Using Engage! to do your proactive reminders such as pap smears and other routine non urgent issues is quick and easy and cost effective using Appointuit Engage and Engage SMS.

It is important to note at this point the difference between recalls and reminders. You can read more here.

Creating your reminder lists

Appointuit Engage! allows you to import your reminder list from BP in an XML file format to make sending Reminder emails and SMS simple.

Create the file in BP just as you would to create a printed reminder letter:

1: Clinical > Reminders > select reasons > select users > select dates > OK.

You should peruse the list and edit it as required at this stage to reduce the need to later. Remove any patients that it would not be appropriate to send a reminder to.

2: Select "send reminders" but instead of mail merge select "Save as file"

this will give you the option to save the list on your computer as an XML file. 

Name the file appropriately and save to a place where you can access it.

NB: If you need to go back and send a letter to those without emails / mobiles then make sure you have the box "Mark as sent" unticked.

If you wish to auto-update the reminder - tick the box "Add a new reminder for those marked as auto-update" 

3: Set up your Engage! campaign. On the recipients list select the filter "import a list from BP (in XML form).

Choose the file you have just saved.

4: Press "Apply filters" and the name of the recipients will appear with the reminder reason as recorded in BP next to their name. Screen the list, edit as required if not done previously.

5: When you have finished putting the campaign together, make sure you tick the box that will create a note in the patient's file as a record "Add note in patient file under past visits?".



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