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Ordering scripts and referrals online without an appointment. Information for patients.


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This is an optional feature for medical practices, so your practice may have opted not to have this feature turned on. We suggest that if this is an important service for you that you would like your practice to have, that you provide them with the feedback directly.

In order to access this service we will need to have your personal email and a personal mobile number recorded for you at the practice. Please note that neither Appointuit or your medical practice take responsibility if you have provided a shared or business email and your privacy is breached. You are responsible for ensuring the practice has a personal and private email address recorded for you at the practice. This email may be used for a variety of things included results and other pro-active health communications.

Please note: Appointuit does not require this information for appointments or store or look at this information. We simply facilitate the process and the application which is then emailed to the practice for their decision to be made. - see our Privacy notice located at:

If your request is approved by your Doctor (and this is not guaranteed, it is up to the individual Doctor), you will be contacted by the practice to let you know the approval status (usually sent an SMS). If the Doctor has declined the request and would prefer you to make an appointment, an SMS  or message will be relayed to you to easily book that appointment.

Currently this feature is only available on the desktop via your practice website. This will help to reduce errors in typing onto small mobile phone screens. However in the future, a mobile friendly version will be added to our app.

Unlike some other systems where patients can order medications and referrals online from Doctors who may have never seen you, the Appointuit system promotes the continuity of care and the ongoing relationship between you and your regular doctor. This obviously is better for you, the patient, and will minimise the risk of incorrect orders, adverse drug reactions and over prescription.

The terms and conditions by which you are offered this service is completely customisable by your practice, including the option to charge a nominal for this service to compensate doctors for their time. You are made aware of these terms and conditions, and have to agree to them prior to submitting your request.

When you submit a request form, it is emailed to the practice, who will then forward it to the appropriate doctor. A copy of your request is stored in your patient file for medico-legal reasons.

You will be sent an SMS ( or other method as determined by the practice) to advise of the outcome. If the response is no, you will be asked to book an appointment. Obviously for your convenience this is available online.


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