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New patients accepted or blocked online for practice


The Appointuit system is fully customisable to suit your practice needs and your practitioner's preferences.

Please advise if you wish to enable new patients for your practice.

Once enabled:

  1. Go to Settings, under the title Branches, select the applicable branch 
  2. Using the menu on the left, go to Appointment types"
  3. Click on "Create new appointment type"
  4. Add Appointment details (see sample)
  5. Ensure "Display for new patients only" is ticked
  6. Make the appointment active.
  7. You can also limit when new patients can book e.g. if you only want them to book Mon - Fri 9-4 by setting the limits accordingly.

Sample text for new appointment description

XYZ medical is a <private / bulk billing> practice. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appt time to complete paperwork. Standard fees start from $XX.00, Please note that as a new patient, your initial appointment may take longer. Please bring your Medicare, concession or insurance card and ID on the day. For full list of fees go to Please note non-attendance fees apply if you book and do not attend.

If you are mixed billing you may include something like: 

We are a private billing practice, however pensioners and other concession card holders and children under 16 are bulk billed.



How do I allow my Practitioners to see new patients?

If a particular practitioner does not wish to see new patients- simply leave this appointment type unticked in their availability.


We are overbooked and our doctors want to close the books to new patients.

We would prefer new patients phone for their initial consult.

We can easily disable the ability for new patients to book online. This will mean that if a person has not been to your practice ever before, they will need to phone for their initial consult.

Once they have been to your practice for their initial visit, they become an "existing" patient and will be able to book online.

If you do not want new patients to book online, the patient widget will display a message to the effect of

"If you have not been to this practice before please phone for an appointment".

If you require any assistance with the set up- please don't hesitate to contact support.



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