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Saving a note about an Engage Campaign to the Patient file in Best Practice


Note: This is only possible for practices running Best Practice for management and clinical

When sending an Appointuit Engage! or Appointuit Engage! SMS campaign to patients, you may want to save a note about this campaign onto the patient's file.


To begin, we need to ensure that the Appointuit user inside your Best Practice is allowed to write notes to the patient file.

To do this, following the steps below:

  1. Open Best Practice and login with a user that has the ability to manage user permissions
  2. Go to Setup > Users
  3. Double click on the user called Appointuit
  4. Click on Set Permissions
  5. Ensure that 'Clinical notes' & 'Correspondence out' are set to 'Add/Edit/Delete'
  6. Click Save to close the Permissions screen
  7. Click Save to close the Edit user details screen

This user now has the ability to enter 'non-visit' notes into the clinical patient file for that patient.


Now when you are working on a campaign and progress to the confirmation screen, you can tick the 'Add note in patient file under past visits?' tick box.

Once that campaign has been scheduled and sent, a note will be placed into the patient's clinical file as a 'non-visit' in the Past visits section.

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