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How do I cancel / reschedule an appointment on the desktop?


Patients can book their appointments online, so it makes sense that you should also be able to cancel them online too. 

Appointuit allows you to see ALL of your appointments, even if you did not book it online.

It is common courtesy to cancel any appointments you have if you cannot attend them. Appointments at most practices are at a premium, so failure to cancel not only inconveniences the practice and the Doctor, it also means that someone who may have really needed an appointment that day misses out.

**Please note, different practices have different cancellation rules. You may find you cannot cancel the appointment online because it is outside the cancellation online time allowed by that practice. In that case you will need to PHONE the practice cancel.

Please note that in may practices non attendance fees apply, so make sure you cancel your appointment as soon as possible to avoid fees.

You may also be banned from attending a practice if you book and fail to attend.

To cancel on the desktop:

  1. Go to the practice website
  2. Click on the "Make an appointment" link
  3. On the opening page, at the bottom, you will see if you have a current appointment "Current appointments".
  4. Click on this
  5. You will be taken to you appointment page
  6. In the top R) there is the button "Cancel appointment"
  7. The cancellation will be confirmed and you can make another appointment if desired.

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*NB different practices have different views- see the one that matches your practices website.

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  • Avatar
    Phillip Lee

    This is not how it looks on the the site there is no cancel option

  • Avatar

    The app will not let me cancel an appointment.
    It says when I try to cancel it (unable to cancel due to booking error)

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