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Appointuit Full Patient Registration Feature


Appointuit now offers practices the convenience of our "full patient registration" feature saving valuable time and effort in the practice when a new patient signs up at your practice.

Currently Appointuit's standard online registration collects some basic demographic information to commence a patient file. This includes name, DOB, address and Medicare number when available. This is then further edited and added onto once the patient arrives at the practice. 

Full registration feature:

Additional patients details can be collected online prior to attending the practice if you have opted to have the patient registration feature turned on. 

This feature is currently only available on your practice website via the latest version of the patient portal (widget 2) and is not available on the App at this stage.

You must have the new widget installed - we can help you install this on your website.

NB: This will change the look and feel of the booking widget on your website, however it should not cause problems for your existing patients, as essentially it will be the same procedure  as they are used to, however, if you like, we can help you advise your patients of the changes when you launch the new widget. This is the perfect opportunity to use Appointuit Engage! to advise your patients.

Currently only available for Best Practice and Pracsoft / HCN if the Appointuit connector installed on same server as the database. For Genie users, you must have a windows box to allow this to work if you are mac based.

The full patient registration information collected is quite generic and will fit most scenarios for most practice management softwares.

Please note:

Once turned on, this feature will require the patient to complete all of the information i.e. all of the fields are mandatory fields. You will need to consider whether this is appropriate for your demographic.

These details comply with the information required to be collected by the RACGP standards.

  • Title First name surname
  • DOB
  • Mobile  email
  • address
  • Medicare no. + ref + exp. date
  • ATSI classification and / or ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Concessions (if yes to concession - number and expiry date is collected)
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Country of Birth
  • Emergency contact details (name. phone, relationship to you)
  • Other details (this is free form text that will appear in the notes section of the BP /PS  admin software- [not clinical] but can be cut and pasted into the clinical notes if relevant or appropriate). This is limited to 100 characters currently.

We advise practices they must have a documented procedure for verifying the data on arrival at the practice because ultimately your practice is still responsible for ensuring the data collected ins correct. Unfortunately patients can still make mistakes even when entering the data themselves!

(examples include printing the demographic data details and get patient to check and sign- scan that in- or staff to make a note electronically / or bring up the screen on a tablet and get patient to check and verify it with the staff). 

Please note, we do not collect at all:

  • any clinical information or history such a s medications, allergies and past medical or surgical history such as might be collected and should be verified by the healthcare professional (and which is most likely not currently entered by reception staff).
  • Other information that may be specific to your practice

How do I get started? 

  • We strongly recommend you have the latest version of the Appointuit connector installed at your practice, this will help minimise any issues. We will check this and organise of not.
  • Discuss with your team, how you are going to manage these patients on arrival with regards to verifying the data. Have a documented policy for verifying identity and validity of the information presented.
  • Design an adjusted new patient registration form- this will be a 'cut down' version of your current registration form, minus the demographic details that have been entered.
  • Advise your patients if this means a change to the patient portal- so they are aware of the changes to the look, feel and functionality.
  • Organise for the new widget to be installed on your website +/- advise current patients they may notice a change.
  • Get started!

 Of course as always, contact us if you have any further questions.

Let us know if you would like this enabled at your practice. 




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