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Creating a targeted patient list from BP XML into Engage!


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You can save your nurse and practice admin a significant amount of time and money by exporting your reminder list from Best Practice Software into Appointuit Engage! This then allows you to quickly and easily manage the appropriate preventative healthcare reminders, such as PAP reminders and other reminders within minutes and with no hefty postage and printing costs.

You may also want to target segments of your database living within a particular postcode(s), within a certain age group with a specific condition etc. for email or SMS campaigns. Please keep in mind that excluding condition you can search a lot of this within Appointuit - so there will not always be a need to import a list from Best Practice. 

To filter the information into Appointuit Engage! you may need to complete 3 easy steps.

Step 1. You need to find and export the desired reminder/targeted condition/demographic list etc. list from your Best Practice Software. 

Step 2. Save the file to your desktop or other preferred location on your computer.

Step 3. Import the file into the recipients list in Appointuit Engage! create a reminder list in BEST PRACTICE

1. In BP clinical go to > Utilities > Search

2. Choose the filters you need (Visits, Conditions)

3. Run Query

4. Save as a .xml file on your desktop or other preferred location.



For examples of how to do targeted searches in both Appointuit and Best Practice please click here.


To import into Appointuit Engage!

5. Go to your Appointuit Engage! and set up your campaign.  and click on ‘Recipients'

6. On the recipients page, select the filter "Import a list from BP (in XML form)" from the drop down box.

7. 'Choose file’ and select the .xml file you save on your desktop

8. Make sure you select ‘Apply Filters’

9. Your exported BP list should now be imported into your campaign.

10. Remember to ensure you tick the box at the end of the campaign set up to put a note in the patient's file if appropriate. If it is a general campaign e.g. "it is Diabetes Awareness Month" or "Flu vaccines are now in" you may choose NOT to send it to the patients file. However any campaign directed at an individual e.g. pap reminders, immunisations reminders etc. should be market to be noted in the patient's file.

On the last page of the campaign when you are sending it- this option appears:



11. You can return to the campaign reports at anytime to check the progress of your campaign and who has opened the email / SMS.


If you need further assistance or would like someone to call you to assist please contact:


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