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Will Appointuit leave our 'On the Day' appointments (in Best Practice) until we make them available ?


Question: Will Appointuit leave our On Day appointments in the system until they become available?

If so, what time do they become available and can we change the time?

Answer: In BP the manager can set 'On the Day' appointments (usually they set up 1 per hour repeated each day) to allow for urgent appointments. At 1 minute after midnight these 'On the Day ' Appointments become 'free'  (a BP Software setting) and therefore patients can book into them - and thats what it is meant for - if you are a parent up at 2.00am you would want to be able to book your sick child in as soon as possible the next day.

This provides a better service to your existing patients, so that they do not have the stress of wondering if they can get an appointment at their regular practice. Otherwise, they ring other practices because of availability and your patients' continuity of care is diminished.


Blocking 'On the Day' appointment slots from showing

In the event that a practice wishes to reserve 'On the Day' for only phone appointments and drop in's, the Appointuit Connector can be set to never show 'On the Day' appointment slots as available.

Simply open the Appointuit Service Controller on your practice server, click on Menu and then Settings, and then click on Advanced.

An option will be present called "Don't show 'On the Day' appointments slots". Selecting the check box, saving and then restarting the connector will tell it to not show 'On the Day' appointment slots at all.

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