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2 Way SMS demonstration


Appointuit SMS is an optional feature in Appointuit.

If you would like this turned on- please contact us and we can organise training and to have this activated for you.

To use SMS you will need to purchase SMS credits- you can do this via

Settings > payments.

To go to Appointuit SMS on your portal, got to Settings > Appointuit SMS.

Appointuit has 2 options for our SMS appointment reminders- 1-way and 2-way.

1-way sends a SMS to the patient but they are not requested to reply.

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2-way asks for a response from the patient

The confirmation can then be viewed in the SMS system under SMS replies.

  • Send out 2 way SMS message. Important: Patients should be asked to respond Y or N or YES or NO only.
  • Any other response may fail to cancel the appointment from the appointment book.

Get started:

 Set up your template- ask the patient to respond Y or N or Yes or No only. Make sure your character limit is within 160.

To create a SMS template go to SMS template on the L) menu.

 Watch the video for a demonstration


  • Once the 2-way SMS has been sent out, staff are able to check the progress of the confirmations or cancellations by going to SMS replies
  • Staff can then confirm the Y / Yes responses or review the N / No responses.
  • Confirmations will show in the appointment book as shown below.


Q: What happens if the patient responds with something other than a Y or N or YES or NO?

  • Unfortunately, we have no control over what patients respond- despite being asked to respond only with a Y or N or Yes or No, some will respond with a message other than this. In this case the appointment will neither confirm nor delete. You will be able to view the response and manually cancel the appointment if required. These should be checked at the beginning of the day to ensure none have been missed.

see screenshots below.


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