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Do I get charged for SMS to wrong numbers or to landlines?


Some practices have other details in the Mobile Number field in their Practice Management system patient files.

This can cause a number of 'bounced' SMS messages that may or may not be attempted to send by the SMS system and therefore we need to try and understand how an SMS is considered sent and therefore charged as an SMS credit used.

  1. If sending to a landline number, the number must be in full international format, i.e. 617XXXXXXXX – this will be converted to a voice message and sent to the landline number.
  2. If sending to a non-internationally formatted landline number, i.e. 07XXXXXXXX – our gateway will attempt to send the message if it matches an international country code, and the client will be charged.
  3. If sending to something completely invalid, i.e. 4 digit number or text for example, the message will be rejected at MessageMedia’s gateway side and as we don’t attempt to send the message the client will not be charged.
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