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Blocking patients from making online appointments


There are sometimes instances where a practice wants to block a patient from making appointments online. Whether it's because they are a repeat DNA (Did not attend) or that they make an excessive number of appointments, drug seekers etc.

Disabling a patient's access to creating appointments online is easy, simply update their email address in their patient file to have a DNA** prepended to it.

For example would become DNA**

Note however, a patient will still be able to log in to Appointuit to see existing appointments, however they will not be able to make new appointments while DNA** is prepended to their email address.

These patients may then ring the practice and complain they cannot book online. It reason should be explained to them i.e. it is not a problem with the system- it has been disabled from use  because.... 

Please note that preventative health campaigns sent via Appointuit Engage! will also not be sent if the email is invalid. They will still be able to receive SMS reminders and notifications.

To enable use again- simply remove the DNA** from the email and it will make this facility available again to the patient- for example if they pay the DNA fees- you can reactivate them for use.

To see a list of disabled and invalid emails for your practice, you can go to "Settings" > "Patient Admin" > "Show invalid emails".

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    Duncan mackinnon is using this site to hide! And yet his wife shows up as a female doctor. She is only a nurse.
    I want to book an appoinment

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    DNA**duncan Mackinnon
    You should never ever see a doctor i

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