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How Do I Link My Family Members So I Can Make Appointments For My Family?


Appointuit has the ability to link family members in the same household so that a primary person in the family can book for all members of the family.

This is fundamentally to allow parents to have the convenience to book for their children. As we do not hold any personal information about patients, this is done via matching the Name/s and Medicare number under the assumption that those who share a Medicare number have been ascertained and verified by Medicare to be ‘related’ for the purposes of their health.

Support staff, at the request of a practice or by the patient themselves via our support desk, will only link patients where the following 2 criteria are met:

  1. The patients are all noted to be on the same Medicare Card and share the same Medicare number and
  2. The patient is under 18 years of age. 

In all other circumstances, we can do this but will defer this responsibility back to the medical or allied health practice to make the decision as to whether the social / medical / or other situation of the persons making that request is appropriate to link in the system. We may also require that the other party provides us with 'permission' in writing to link the accounts. 

We will need to know the following information:

  • The names of the family members and DOB
  • Are they on the same Medicare card
  • Have they been patients at the practice? (if not- then we are unable to link them as there will be no file details to link). However they will automatically link, once they have been to the practice as a patient.

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