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How to set up my SMS Reminders - SMS Scheduler


When you set up your SMS reminders, you have 2 options:

  1. send manually - use "Bulk SMS Reminders"
  2. automate to send out at a set time everyday - use "Schedule Reminders".


This short AppointuitSMS video will explain how to automate and schedule SMS reminders within your practice.


We have a step by step guide for SMS reminders (SMS Scheduler) in the instructions below:

1. Log into the Appointuit Dashboard

Click on: Practice Login


2. Click on Settings > Appointuit SMS

If the AppointuitSMS option is not active please contact to have it activated instantly.


3. On the left side menu, click on Schedule Reminders and tick the "Schedule enable" box.

*Please note, that in order to send SMS reminders, you will need to purchase SMS credits. To do this, please follow the instructions described in the link below.


4. Set the SMS reminders.

You can set date and times for the reminders, appointment types and practitioners.

To save on costs, you can exclude any patients who may have received an SMS reminder previously- as well as any patient who booked via Appointuit as they will receive an automated push notification via the Appointuit system. Simply tick the box to exclude.

You can preview the list and deselect any you do not wish to receive a reminder.

NB: if patient is logged as “do not send SMS” in your PMS they will be excluded from this list as well.

 Patients shown in red do not have a valid mobile number.


5. Edit the SMS text.

You can then edit the standard SMS message up to the SMS character limit of 160.

You can see the character count in the top R) of the message box. Go to SMS template on the L) hand side of your screen.

 It is important that you do not edit the information in brackets {{-----}}.

 You can also create a new SMS template on this page as well by using the ‘create new template’ button

 ***Be careful not to go over the 160 character count as you will be charged for 2 SMS messages. Some practices may need assistance with this as we may need to change some of the uneditable text in {{ }} to make the message shorter. Practices with longer names may just want to show day / time / doctor for example.


Contact to assist you with these edits.

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