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I Can't Log In To My Appointuit Account


Are you having trouble logging in to your Appointuit Account either via the Appointuit Smart Phone App or via the the Patient portal / Web Widget on your preferred medical practice website? 

We can help but we need to check two things first!

A. Do You Already Have An Appointuit Account? Are you an existing patient of this practice and you have used the online appointment service but seem to be having a problem just now?

  1. If you have forgotten your password, go to your medical practice's website, locate the online booking option and then please select "I forgot" to reset.

    If you have tried to reset your password but are met with the error "We could not find your email address", please see the following help guide:

Can't Reset Password - Error "We Could Not Find Your Email Address"


B. I do not have an Appointuit Account! I want to get started with Appointuit to make my medical appointments!

If you have not made an appointment online before, you must first create an account. Press"Back" and then one of the following:

Are you a brand new patient trying to register at this practice

  • If you have not been to this practice before, please select "This is my first time to this practice". Complete all relevant information.


Are you an existing patient of this practice and is this the first time you have tried to register to make your very first appointment?

If you have not made an appointment online before, you must first create an account. Press"Back" and then one of the following:

  • If you are already an existing patient at the practice, please select "I have been to this practice before". Complete all relevant details, ensuring they are correct as per your patient profile.

If, after you have registered and you have tried to log in, but are met with the message "Invalid email or password. Please make sure you are registered at this practice", please see the following help guide or submit a support request as we may need to investigate further to help you:

Log In Error: "Invalid Email or Password"




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  • Avatar

    i forgot

  • Avatar
    Sal Browning

    I can't type in my passwords - only allows one letters ! I have reset password ( which was successful ) but when I go back to app the same problem.i use a apple 6S with latest Os

  • Avatar
    Chris Coe

    Had a previous failure with Appointuit and now have set up a new account but it won't work. Chris

  • Avatar
    James Duo
  • Avatar
  • Avatar
    Peter Lumsden

    Why is it that most of the time that I log in and then cannot proceed as the message says the clinic cannot be reached. It's not a very good system .

  • Avatar
    Frank Seidl

    Received confirmation of password reset but cannot login with new password

  • Avatar
    Frank Seidl

    Have had no response to my problem

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