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Problems registering account - Error "Your Record Could Not Be Identified"


If you have selected "I have been to this practice before" or "Been to the practice but this is the first time booking online" and come across the following error while making your way through the online registration process, there are 2 possible reasons. 



  1. The patient details (including First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth) you have provided do not match the details on your patient profile at your practice.

    You should return to the home screen and re-register as "I have been to this practice before", and ensure that the details you are re-entering are correct.

    Common details mismatches include:

    • Not entering your name as it does on your Medicare card
    • Entering a shortened version of your name (i.e. Tom instead of Thomas)
    • Entering the wrong date of birth
    • If entering a name with a hyphen- ensure there is no space between the letters and the hyphen as required by Medicare                                   (e.g. Mary-Jane  not Mary - Jane).

    If, once you have re-entered your details and ensured they are correct, this error still occurs, there may be a mismatch of details on your patient file at your practice. Please contact your practice directly to confirm that your personal details are correct and that you have an email address registered on file. 

    A common error at the practice end is to have your first name and middle name listed in the first name field- so the system thinks that both of these names is your first name.                                                                                               
  2. This error also occurs when your patient file is inactive at your practice.

    If you have not visited your practice for an extended period of time, please contact your practice directly to confirm your patient details and active status. 

If you continue to have problems logging in- please contact us for further support. Make sure you give us all of the details and what you have tried so far in the ticket detail to expedite the process.


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    Shirley Erhardt

    First time to use online appointment as a patient at St Andrews Medical Centre Toowoomba please help me as my details I entered says they do not match the details held for you at the practise

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