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How Do I Add A New/Second Practice On My Appointuit App?- Patient instructions


Appointuit allows you to add a number of health care providers to your app, providing they have chosen to use our system. This means you only need one app, keeping your appointment management  all in one place.

If your medical practice uses Appointuit, then the following instructions should help you set up the practices you wish to attend.

This needs to be done on the widget on the website for the medical practice and is best done using a computer. However by updating this in the system- we can update this in your app. The widget is the booking link on your practice's website. Once you have set this up, it will then show on your app.

A: To add a new practice that you are currently an active patient at:

  1. Go to the new practice's website and click on the "online booking" tab.
  2. Login with your current account details, and if you already have a patient file at the new practice, choose "I have been to this practice before" (if not see below).
  3. Please ensure you use the exact details stored on your patient profile when completing this process.

B: To add a new practice that you have never attended as a patient before:

If you do not have a patient file at your new practice, and they do accept new patients online, please choose the "This is my first time.." option and complete all required information accurately.

As not every practice accepts new patients online, the "This is my first time.." option might not be available to select. In this case, you will need to register as a patient at the practice in person.  Once you are on record there- you can follow the process A above for future appointments.

If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to open a support ticket with Appointuit support.

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    Bree Martin

    This does not help as my practice does not have an online bookings tab!!!

  • Avatar
    Bree Martin

    I downloaded this app via my GP's website and it has picked up information from my physiotherapist?!?
    How is this possible?

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