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How to Preview the Welcome Email


Appointuit provides a default Welcome email to send to your patients to let them know that online bookings are now available at your practice. This email will only be sent out with your authorisation.

You can personalise the email, by adding a short paragraph of text, which will be shown in the welcome email, below the name of the practice.

Once you have decided to go live and introduce Appointuit to your patients, please send an email to to let us know you authorise us to send out the Welcome email for your practice.


To preview the welcome email please follow the instructions below:

1. Log into the Appointuit Dashboard

Click on: Practice Login


2. Click on Settings > Policy Settings

3. Go to the section "Patient Welcome Email Settings"

You can add a short paragraph of personalised text to the welcome email, this text is optional.


4. Click on Save and Preview Welcome Email and notify our support team to send it to your patient database.

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