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Time Difference in the reminder email - Blackberry


There is a 10 hour difference in calendar events when viewed from a Blackberry, it is a common BlackBerry problem, regarding the GMT +10 time zone, QLD time.

When the blackberry reads the calendar file it assumes it is on GMT time and adds 10 hours. In other words, if the appointment is for 10am, the blackberry is going to show 8pm.

Other events might be shown with the correct time, because they are linked to a particular time zone. However, our calendar file's configuration is currently not linked to a specific time zone, because it requires to be linked to the practice's local time.

This information can be confirmed in Blackberry's knowledge base:;jsessionid=531037A4C5C4598E3EBAA91948855439?externalId=KB35892&sliceId=2&cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&noCount=true&ViewedDocsListHelper=com.kanisa.apps.common.BaseViewedDocsListHelperImpl

The only possible workaround for your blackberry users is to adjust the GMT or time zone configuration on their devices. This configuration can be found in Blackberry's Support web site.

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