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How to install or update the Appointuit Connector for BP & Pracsoft


As we release new versions of the Appointuit Connector you will need to update your current one to enable the new features and improved stability, this guide will walk you through how to do this. You will find the detailed steps below:

1. Launch the Appointuit Service controller

2. Stop the Appointuit Service

3. Backup the config and uninstall old Appointuit connector

4. Download the new connector version

5. Install the new version

6. Install the licence key

7. Set up the Appointuit Connector Service properties

8. Thoroughly test Appointuit functionality



Step 1. Launch the Appointuit service controller


Step 2. Click 'Stop Service'

Once stopped it should look like this


Step 3. Close the 'Appointuit Service Controller' window.  Export the connector configuration for the registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Appointuit Pty Ltd\]. Go to 'Control Panel' usually found 'Select Start > Control Panel > Uninstall Program' Within the list locate Appointuit from within the list and uninstall it. Please note this is very important Appointuit is uninstalled before a new version is installed.

Step 4. Now that the old version of the connector is uninstalled, it is time to download the latest Appointuit Connector you will need to log into the Appointuit Dashboard - then in the top menu go 'Downloads > Connectors' from there select the connector type for your practice management software and take note of where you saved the file to.


Step 5. Once the file has downloaded, you can install the connector by double clicking on the file and following the prompts.  Usually you only have to click next, next, next and close.


Step 6. In the Appointuit Service Controller, go to 'Menu > Settings' and add the licence key from the Download Connector page in Appointuit. 


Step 7. After the installation has completed, open the 'Services' panel from the start menu.

Right click on 'Appointuit Connector Service', select Properties and in the 'General' tab set it to Automatic (Delayed Start).  The delay could be more than three minutes after server startup.


Now click on the 'Recovery' tab, and change the settings as shown below:

  • First failure: RESTART THE SERVICE
  • Second failure: RESTART THE SERVICE
  • Subsequent failures: RESTART THE SERVICE
  • Reset fail count after: 1 day
  • Restart service after: 10 minutes

Finally, make sure the Status is "Running", if not, go to Appointuit Connector Service Controller and press Start. 

Step 8. Thoroughly check Appointuit functionality with the new connector

Compare the registry with the export taken in Step 3. 



Having problems? We can help.

We can install and upgrade the connector for you.

  1. Go to the server where Appointuit Connector is installed
  2. Click on this link 
  3. The Appointuit Quick Support tool will be downloaded.
  4. When completed, run it, and you should see a screen similar to the one below.
  5. Note the ID and Password and email them to and our staff will action this for you.

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