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Installing Appointuit Connectors on Windows XP machines


System Requirements

At the minimum you will need Windows XP Service Pack 3 (the latest service pack). You will also require .NET Framework 4 and Windows Installer 3.5 or greater. Links and instructions where to obtain this and how to install are provided in this document.

While installation on a more recent Windows OS is very straight forward, there is more effort involved when installing on Windows XP.

Note for installation over Terminal Services or Remote Desktop

Since you are running from terminal services, you should attempt to download the files onto the machine before installing. Sometimes, administrators will prevent terminal services users from installing software. If you get an error message to that effect you will have to install on site.

Installation Steps

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Download > Connector
  3. Download the Appointuit's ZedMed connector (or the connector your practice is running) 
  4. Note down your license key
  5. Run the setup msi.
  6. If a previous version of connector was installed, you will be prompted to uninstall it.
  7. During installation, you will be prompted to enter your license key.
  8. Note: If installation fails because .NET4 was not installed, refer to installing prerequisites below. These prerequisites can be rather large downloads.
  9. The Appointuit Connector will automatically launch, and start the Appointuit Connector service

Post Installation Configuration

You may need to configure the database connections. This is only necessary if you changed default passwords that came with ZedMed. Select File, Settings and enter your practice's database connection details.

Installing prerequisites

  1. Download .NET 4
  2. Install the .NET4 package, if it says you don't have the latest Microsoft Windows Installer you can download one from
  3. You may also wish to install our Quick Support tool. If you run into difficulties, give me a call and if you provide the ID and Password, Appointuit support personnel will be able to remotely assist you.

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