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How to add a practitioner to Appointuit


This guide will go over how to add new doctors and practitioners to the Appointuit system. 

**Please note: If you are setting up your practice 'from scratch' - we recommend adding all appointment types first as this will save you time moving between screens.


Step 1:

Appointuit will automatically sync over any new doctors added to your practice management system however they are marked as inactive in Appointuit by default, so we will have to first log into the Appointuit dashboard and then go to

Settings > Your Practice

On the left side Menu, click on Practitioner Admin


Step 2:

Once on the practitioners page you should see a button "Add Practitioner", click that button and this will show a list of all the inactive practitioners at your practice. Just note that it can take 30 minutes to sync over a new practitioner that was just added to your practice management software. 

Step 3:

From the list of practitioners you will need to find the practitioner you wish to make available on Appointuit and click the "edit" link on the right hand side.

Step 4:

From this page you can make the practitioner active by ticking the box "active" and then you can continue to edit the reset of the settings such as profile picture, professions and what appointments they are available for. Once all done, click the "save" button and you are all done. 


What about practices with multiple branches? 

If your practice has multiple branches, all the steps above are the same you just have to take note of which branch you are making them active for in the settings panel via the drop down list on the top right just under the "Active" tick box. 

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