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Why does a different practice show up when I try to log In on my Smartphone App


Why do I see my old practice when I log in to the Appointuit App?

If you have recently moved from one practice that uses Appointuit to another practice that also uses Appointuit, the Appointuit system will continue to recognise you as a patient of the first practice until it has been otherwise changed. 


There are 2 ways you can manage this issue:

  1. You must book online via your new practice's website widget rather than via your Smartphone App, for your first appointment at your new practice.

    You will now be able to see both practices on your Appointuit Smartphone App when you are making appointments.

  2. If you no longer wish to see your first practice on your Appointuit App, submit a request to Appointuit Support by clicking here ask to have your email details removed from the practice you no longer attend.


What if I want to book online at multiple practices?

Currently, you can do this via the practice web widget (as demonstrated in Step 1 Above). Once you have made an appointment via the web widget at your secondary practice, you will be able to see and make appointments at both practices via the Appointuit Smartphone App.


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    Sipolah Ha

    I am unable to choose my preferred practice even when using the practices website

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