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How to hide availabile times so they are not visible in the online appointment book.


Applies to: Best Practice

Requires: Best Practice connector 2.8 and over



You can make use of Best Practice colour coded entries to prevent patients from making online




In the following example, the surgery has allocated Dr Findacure as a duty doctor for the

morning session. Appointments should not be made in this slot. Patients are allowed to make

appointments in the pink-coloured time slots. By default, all colours are shown as available.

However, practice managers can change this by allowing only one nominated colour to be shown.


Step 1: Identify the colour to show on

Identify which colour should be shown from Best Practice. Each colour is defined using a triplet

of unique numbers. In the diagram below, white colour is identified by the numbers 255, 255,


Strawberry pink is 255, 128, 128.


Step 2: Start the Appointuit Connector


Step 3: Select Settings


Step 4: Change the colour settings

On the lower left corner, Appointuit may state “Show any cells - colour coding does not matter”

This could be changed by selecting the button with the ellipsis. (see diagram)

Step 5 Nominate the colour

Check the box “Show only appointments with this colour” and fill the set of three numbers from

the first step.

Click OK.


Any appointment slots that does not match the colour will be hidden from the patient.

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